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Medical First Aid Kits For Any Situation

There are medical first aid kits available for a wide range of very specialized situations and uses. Knowing what type of specialized kit you may need is important, but basic medical first aid kits are generally designed to contain all that will be required under most emergency situations. Getting to know about the various specialized types of medical first aid kits contain can help in determining which kit is the best match for a particular location or service.


Waterproof medical first aid kits are a great idea for first responders or storage areas that may be exposed to any type of wet or damp weather. These kits have a specialized seal, actually a gasket, which prevents moisture from entering into the kit during normal exposure to the elements. In addition the kits themselves are made of 20 gauge stainless steel, water resistant as well as rust resistant with normal use. While the kits may not stay waterproof if fully submerged for long periods of time, they are more than adequate for general use in outdoor settings, marinas, sports facilities and even in wet and humid climates.


Industrial medical first aid kits come in several different sizes and styles. These kits are designed to be hung on a wall within easy access to equipment, machines and work areas. The very design of the kits is extremely user friendly even for those without a lot of medical experience. All parts of the kit are sealed in specialized plastic poly-sealed containers that are also color coded for use and contents. All responders have to do is check the chart on the inside of the case and grab the appropriated colored sealed and sterile first aid supplies. As with the waterproof kits these are usually in stainless steel boxes and even have a waterproof seal, perfect for outdoor or indoor use.


For some industrial applications there may be a requirement for the medical first aid kits to be ANSI and OSHA approved. These types of medical first aid kits must clearly be labeled as such and provide all the required equipment and medical supplies required by these two organizations. These kits come with additional features to deal with spills and contamination including biohazard bags, scoop bags, absorbent powder, gowns, caps and gloves for treatment and clean up.


Specialized types of working conditions may also call for additional items to be contained within an approved or recognized fully equipped medical first aid kit. An example of this industry specific type of kit is found in the coal mining sector, where the first aid kits also have to contain ammonia ampoules, wool blankets, leg and arm splints, a folding stretcher as well as the standard bandages and other first aid supplies.


Having the right medical first aid kits on hand is the best way to avoid an accident from becoming even more tragic. First responders and those trained in first aid can save lives and prevent compounding injuries if they have the supplies they need to assist the injured as soon as possible after the accident or emergency happens.


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