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Eye Care Kits For Emergencies

There are many different ways in which an eye can be damaged. These can include chemical burns and exposure, foreign objects in the eye and damage to the eye through being struck or injured in some way. Since eye care is particularly important immediately, having basic eye care kits available over and above standard first aid kits simply makes good sense.


Eye care kits don't have to take up a lot of space and can generally be added to your current first aid kit or contained in a small sized waterproof box. Generally a stainless steel type of box is recommended since it is very durable and won't be damaged by typical moving of the box or by multiple uses. Metal boxes are also great for mounting to the wall at a central first aid station or designated location. Polypropylene, a very durable and water resistant plastic is also a good option, particularly for portable kits that are going to be kept in vehicles or on the job. A weatherproof or waterproof type of gasket should be on the eye care kits to avoid seepage of water into the kit that can ruin the sterile supplies contained within.


In general there are essential supplies that need to be in eye care kits for emergencies, however in specific types of industries or workplaces there may be a requirement for additional supplies based on the injuries that may occur. The basic emergency eye care kits should include as many supplies as possible since it is impossible to know exactly what type of injury may occur. It is always better to have more supplies than needed rather than to be missing the equipment that you require.


Eye wash solution is a critical essential component for eye care kits. This can be in any size, but a minimum of a 4 ounce bottle is recommended. This sterile saline eye wash needs to be sealed to avoid it evaporating between uses. Once used it is highly recommended to replace the used bottle with a new sealed bottle to prevent this problem, especially if the kit is only used infrequently. Sterile solution is much better than using tap water that can actually cause increased change of introducing bacteria and possible reactions to the chemicals in the water.


In addition to the eye wash solution, emergency eye care kits should also contain a variety of types of gauze and sterile bandages. Eye pads are specialized types of gauze dressings, designed to match the contour and shape for the eye. Squares of gauze of different sizes can also be used if eye pads are not available. Since some eye injuries can bleed profusely, having a significant number of pads or sterile gauze squares in the kit is essential. These are very lightweight and very compact and can be kept in zip lock types of bags for easy storage within the eye care kit.

In addition eye cups, which are hard plastic convex covers are also important. These can be placed over the gauze on the eye and taped into location to prevent further injury through blinking or exposure to the air. A good quality surgical tape is also recommended in the kit to be able to secure the temporary bandage until medical help is available.


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