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Safety Eye Wash Stations For Any Location

Having immediate options for removing chemicals, foreign objects, dirt or debris that may accidentally enter the eye is the major advantage of having safety eye wash stations located strategically in most workplace areas. These stations are very small and easy to mount on a wall or even keep in a kit, perfect for quick access as needed when an unexpected accident occurs.


Depending on the type of environment the safety eye wash station will be located in, different models will just make more sense. In general in industrial types of locations such as manufacturing and fabrication, workshops or areas where chemicals are in use, wall mounted models are the most recommended. These safety eye wash stations can be located in a central area such as a first aid room, lunchroom or break room or even in restrooms. In addition they should also be located anywhere that chemicals are present, allowing for immediate use when time is of the most importance in protecting the eye by removing or rinsing out the chemical before injury occurs.


Wall mounted safety eye wash stations typically come with one or more bottles of eye was solution that is non-reactive and sterile. Saline or isotonic buffered types of eye solutions can be used to rinse out dirt, dust, chemicals and even smaller types of objects that may become trapped in the eye. These safety eye wash stations are typically on durable white plastic and have complete directions as to how to flush out the eyes and what to do next to ensure there are no complications. These eye solution bottles are typically designed for a single use, then the entire bottle is replaced.


Most advanced types of safety eye wash stations can also be found. These stations tend to include more eye care items and can be essential in areas where issues with foreign objects and debris entering the eye may be a concern. Generally these types of stations include eye wash and neutralizer, eye drops for gently restoring the eye's natural balance, antiseptic wipes for injuries around the eye, cold packs for treating the eye after an injury as well as eye cups, eye pads and tape. This provides the basics of both a safety eye wash station as well as an eye care kit. These systems can be found either on a handy wall mount or in a kit. Both are good options for workplaces with the kit a great idea if it will have to be transported or kept in an outdoor or wet type of environment.


Having extra safety eye wash on hand is also highly recommended. It is essential in any type of eye injury to gently flush out anything that may have entered the eye, even if it is too small to see to remove. Since the cost of these stations and safe eye wash solutions is so minimal, there is really no reason not to have one at each workstation or potential problem area in every workplace.


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