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Fire Blankets Can Save Lives Instantly

When you're in a position to help someone, you need as many tools as possible at your disposal.  This way, no matter what the situation presents, you can have what you need when you need it.  Fire blankets, for example, can provide you with extra support when you're faced with a fire situation.  Whether you're in a medical setting, a laboratory setting, or even an industrial setting, a fire blanket can help save you, someone else, as well as the property from getting hurt or damaged in any way.  This is one security blanket you never want to give up.

The Science Behind the Blanket

Though most laypeople would think that covering a fire with a blanket is a crazy move, this is far from the case.  When you smother the flames with a fire blanket, you are extinguishing the fire because you are taking away the oxygen.  When the blanket covers the fire, it pushes the oxygen away from the fire source, causing the fire to grow smaller and smaller until all of the oxygen has been removed and the fire it completely out.  Add to his equation fire resistant materials, and you can quickly extinguish smaller fires with fire blankets in the time it might take to call for help or to grab that fire extinguisher.

Protecting Property and People

While it might be more common to use a fire blanket in the case of saving property from harm, many people have also been saved by using fire blankets.  If something catches on fire in a laboratory or an industrial or medical setting, you can place the blanket on top of the fire to stifle the flames.  When it's a person that's involved, they can wrap the blanket around themselves to help extinguish the flames in the same manner.  Though this will not prevent them from getting burned necessarily, it will help the person diminish the severity of the burns and stop the burns from spreading to other parts of the body.

Stopping the Spread of Flames

By storing fire blankets in multiple locations, professionals can ensure that these blankets are readily accessible in any situation.  Make sure you have not only a fire blanket in a strong steel container, but also in a PVC tube that adds a hook to the end of the blanket.  This way, if you or someone else catches on fire, you will be able to wrap this blanket around you to smother the flames.  Emergency medical technicians, laboratory workers, researchers, medical professionals, and firefighters can all use these blankets during the course of their workday.


While a fire blanket won't stop a larger fire, they work well to smother smaller flames that are caused by anything from heat to chemicals. This allows you or other professionals that arrive on the scene time to treat the patient that might be injured first instead of attending to the fire.  With the flames out of the way, the real treatment can begin.