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EMS Evacuation Stair Chair
EMS Evacuation Stair Chair
EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair Aluminum Alloy EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair EMS Evacuation Stair Chair
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EMS Evacuation Stair Chair

Item# MS3C-300TS

This durable and easy to operate Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair is designed to aid in stairway descent during emergency situations or in case of power failure. Designed for an almost instantaneous deployment and operation on any surface, this evac stair chair is a must safety device for multi story residential or commercial buildings.  

Ships Free, Continental US Only.



  • Dual, smooth rubberized tracks to aid care providers with controlled descent on any surface; carpet, wood, metal, and concrete. 
  • Back of the evacuation chair is designed with two folded handles that lock into position allowing operators multiple grip options for safe handling and easy steering
  • Upgraded to include a spring loaded lock to keep the unit closed when not in use. 
  • Two flexible uplift rods under the front of the stretcher to aid in lifting
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials
  • Head Rest Included
  • Durable seat material is easy to sterilize and clean
  • Easily folds into a compact design making it easier for storage and transport
  • Light-weight, easily-carried
  • Telescoping guidebar is curved for a more ergonomic grip
  • Safety shoulder and lap belts Included

Optional Accessories: (call customer care for ordering information)


  • Max Working load capacity: up to 400 lbs.
  • Upright dimensions: 51.5in( L) x 19.5in (W) x 61in (H)
  • Packing size: 42in x 21in x 10in
  • Net weight: 31 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 3 year on frame

*** Please note that this model is designed for going down the stairs, only.  For going both, up and down stairs, a battery powered model MS3C-300TSB, is required.


Evacuation Chair Dust Cover Evacuation Chair Dust Cover
(sold seperately)

This dust cover will fit the MS3C-300TS, MS3C-100TS and MS3C-300TSB.


Evacuation Chair Wall Mount Bracket Evacuation Chair Wall Mount Bracket
(sold seperately)

Wall mount bracket for lightweight, manual and battery powered evacuation chair.


Evacuation Chair Wall Mount Storage Cabinet Evacuation Chair Wall Mount Storage Cabinet
(sold seperately)

MS3C stairchair line storage cabinet provides safe storage and quick access to the MS3C-300TS, 300TSB and 100TS Evacuation Stair Chairs. Fits most models and brands and can be custom ordered to your specifications.


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